This cover is typically taken out by employers who want to add value to employee’s packages. It normally provides up to 75% of pre-disability income in the event of death and/or total and permanent disability.

Though this benefit is paid direct to the employee there are number of reason why companies find this cover attractive,

Firstly because it is bought in bulk over a group of people this it is cost effective yet gives an excellent level of security to employees. The value they receive can be an important element of goodwill.

Group salary continuance is particularly useful in finding and retaining good staff especially if these people do not have their own income protection.

Key Features

  • Death, permanent disability or specific injury cover
  • You can choose waiting periods from 30 days to many months
  • Cover on leave without pay
  • Return to work program
  • Guaranteed renewable
  • Options can include nurse care benefit and recovery assistance benefit.

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